Known everywhere else on the web as RavenBlakh/Chark

21, Photography student. London-ish.

Personal blog, so expect lots of incoherent ramblings, Twin Peaks/David Lynch/The Sopranos/Porcupine Tree/horrible hipster fashion stuff/Steven Wilson/NIN/Boardwalk Empire/sloths/Cillian Murphy/Michael Pitt/Satoshi Kon/general movie spam on a regular basis. I take a lot of photos, which can usually be found on here:

Anything tagged or credited to 'RavenBlakh Photography' or 'RavenBlakh' is my work.

Shove shit in my ask box if you have any questions. Its floating around somewhere.


A lovely surprise came in the post today courtesy of Manaka Handmade - check out Mary’s stuff, its ace! I’ve photographed her designs before so you may recognise them, as well as Mary herself because she’s a total babe. Either way, check out her stuff! <3